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AirBnB offers what you’re looking for

In Paris, you’ll find accommodation for every type of budget. If you are one of those that comes in a plan mochiler/economic with the purpose of enjoy and visit the city, to live the parisian life I recommend you choose a budget stay, Airbnb is the option of +41, you can also find Hostels beautiful, economic, and breakfast included. Now if you come a little more baggy of money you can find hotels lindos, check out the options on TripAdvisor.

What security with AirBnB?

Well… that both the host and the tenant has a profile where “you need to stop reflected very well who it is, but the best thing is that both the host as a tenant have to leave a comment of another during your stay. This means that the profile can never be uncertain because sooner or later you will end up knowing. (whenever I travel, I use Airbnb,” are you going to be able to sleep at night and knowing that I paid a fair price)

Areas to avoid


What is the best place to stay in?

As in all large cities, in Paris there are areas that are “dangerous” and others, not so much. I recommend that you choose the place of your stay depending on the proximity to a metro station, so you don’t have mobility problems. Tip, in the first perimeter of the outskirts of the city (banlieu) you can find nice places, good price and about 20/30 min. Paris. Down here I leave you a video to explain everything.

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