Documents for Travel to France

The type of VISA required to enter the country will depend on the grounds for and the duration of the stay. For those who will stay for up to 90 days (three months), you apply for a VISA called “Schengen” that allows a single entry or multiple.

On the contrary, those who remain in the country over that period, they must apply for a visa long stay that specify the reasons for and duration. This may be the case of people who come to France to study or to work a season. You can also apply for visas to pass in transit through the country.

Once you have entered the French territory, you cannot modify the visa or your category. The rules also apply to the overseas territories. The requirements to obtain the visa will depend on the nationality of each applicant. In any case, the passport must be valid and must be paid by the process (if the visa is denied will not be refunded the money).

pasaporte francia

The requirements and documentation required for travel to Paris requesting the visa are:

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The documents that you have to take into account when traveling to France.


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