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What to see in Paris?

Visit the Eiffel Tower it is a must in Paris. It is the most visited monument of France with more than seven million annual visitors. This work of art, of 324 metres height and! the main symbol of Paris. In this post I will explain how to visit the Eiffel Tower, in addition to its history, and many curiosities.

The Torro Elfel was built between 1887 and 1889 by the famous French architect Gustave Eiffel. It was built for the Universal Exhibition of 1889 held in Paris,
France wanted to create an impressive monument to dazzle the world during that exposure. The organizers created a contest for submission of proposals and the Eiffel was the winner of the scholarship. The people are thought not to be the end-time,
but his forecast came out well. Although it was not accepted by all parisians, gradually gaining popularity, In fact, it was built with the intention of being overthrown a
after the conclusion of the exhibition of 1889, but the people refused.
Even today continues to impress, as it has become in one of the monuments that are most valued in the world. Since the end of the eighties, has been adapted wing large influx of tourists that it receives.

Climb the Eiffel Tower

Except for those who suffer from vertigo, climb the TorreEíffel is a unique experience practically obligatory for all visitors to Paris.

It is possible to access to the tower both in elevator as for the stairs, but before you decide for the second option it is necessary to know that it is 1.565 steps.
Using the stairs is only possible to access up to the first two floors of the tower. While the price of the stairs is something more low, to not be concerned a challenge to the difference isn’t worth it.

The best times to climb the tower is the first hour of the morning, when they have not yet been formed endless queues, or in the late afternoon to enjoy the City of lights in all its glory.


Paris at your feet

Paris is placed at your feet, while you still contemplating its charm to 300 meters away; in that moment you feel the king or queen of the world. You’re on the last floor of the Eiffel Tower, contemplating the great City of Light,

Climb the Eiffel Tower is the culmination of a great dream for many, for others a must visit in Paris and for others it is the photo that can not miss in your social networks; the test is true of your visit to this city and the best souvenir that you can take.

I suggest you cast the half-day so that you’re top of the tower when the Tower starts the big show, yes, that time that starts the sunset, the sun is hidden but Paris continues to shine. A great time to photograph.

Depends on the season of your visit, but I recommend you take a chamarrita, since the air is hitting it. Do not worry about the time spent in the Tower, where you will find restaurants, bar, fast food, souvenir shops and a small museum. If you want to make more special of your visit and celebrate the moment, on the last floor there is a small bar to toast with champagne. Chin-Chin!

I’ll give you another tip, if you have the possibility to go down the stairs or also in very good physical condition, you can upload them, to admire every detail of its construction, it is amazing!

Finishing your tour, do not go out immediately, stay in the central courtyard of the Tower, to make better photos of your interior. From this point you feel so small against the vastness and majesty of this monument.

Now if you want to capture the sunrise from the Tower or to simply take the best pictures of she continues to sail on my website where I give you more tips to enjoy the most of your stay, like a parisian, or, take the photo Tour…..

Written by Gesela Becerril.

Address: Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole France, Paris

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