What to visit in Paris

What to visit in Paris | Quick and Easy | Tickets Paris

Why choose paris?
Having a thousand destinations in the world to travel to, why visit Paris? It is well known that the beautiful city of Light and love is one of the most visited, attracts more than 2 million tourists a year, who have fallen in love with this city. Some return, others extend your stay and others are looking for options to live here; they have all been touched by the magic of this place.

The Internet and social networks, are witnesses of this magic; each note, reportage and photography is Unique, each one can appreciate the essence of parisian life.

If you’re planning your trip to Paris, if this is your first time in Paris or you come for the second time, you will not leave me lying that you need to bring is time to visit a thousand places, feet, ready to walk, and walk, eyes wide open to not miss any detail and space on your phone to take a million pictures; because believe me that as soon as you put one foot in Paris not stop to marvel.

Have No fear, the language will not be a barrier for you to enjoy the charms of paris, not believe rumors, the French are always in the best disposition to help a stranger, what if you don’t have lied to you is that the cold paste and paste in earnest; otherwise, I can only warn you that you’ll love every minute that you spend here.

YES, you’re going to lose a million times, cannot understand many things, you will not know what to do, but don’t worry, enjoy, you’re in Paris! Believe me that miss will be the best thing that can happen, will be the best way to get to know every corner. On the other hand, if you come just in time, select what you want to know, because time flies by, with the exception of the time in which you enjoy the sunsets, the time stops and Paris becomes a work of art.

I don’t know if I have mentioned, but let me tell you that Paris is not like paint, better! You will have seen a thousand films and stories, seen my videos, my pictures, but nothing as live in the flesh, because when you’re in this city, anything is possible
and you become in it the protagonist of the story and the model of the photos.
With all this, do you want one more reason to visit the great Iron Lady, the Eiffel Tower?

Take a tour of my website, please visit my networks and check out all of the tips that I have for you and your next stay in Paris, he learns to LIVE in Paris and to enjoy like a parisian.

Written by Gisela Becerril

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