Make your proposal in Paris

An expert photographer for proposals in Paris

Proposing to the love of your life is one of the biggest step in a relationship. A professional proposals photographer in Paris will help you immortalize the moment and capture the special moment of
“I do!”  💍

I’m ready to help you choose and elaborate your proposal, contact me without hesitation to help you plan the perfect proposal in the most romantic city of the world.

You are about to embark on a journey to shape your love life. Nerves may run deep, and you want every second of your proposal to be flawless. While you’ve chosen the location and know what you want to say, you’re missing the means to capture the moment forever.

Don’t rely on selfies to preserve this moment. It’s too special to leave it to chance. Instead, opt for a professional photo shoot that captures the true essence of the moment – the emotions, the nerves, and the love.

Why is it important a professional photographer for your proposal in Paris?

You have been together for a long time, so you have a deep understanding of your partner’s preferences. You are in the best position to decide whether capturing the proposal is important to them. It’s common for people to want to have photos of the happiest moment of their lives. And here’s why:

pedida de mano sorpresa en torre Eiffel paris

How to propose to your partner in Paris?

We will all love to have the best memory during a trip to Paris. Especially if it is the first.

Surprise your couple with a romantic gesture and book a photo shoot in Paris. You can explain her that you have hire the service with no problem. It is normal that you want to immortalize your trip with some pictures. Your partner will be so focus on the photos that will not suspect a thing. I will be in charge of the planing with you what would be the perfect moment to propose. Previously we will locate your partner backwards with the excuse of an original an pretty photo. Here comes your BIG MOMENT

I can help you organize any idea you have in mind

If you’re thinking “I would like a violinist or a saxophonist in Paris”, its a great idea. Tell me your idea and I will arranged it myself. To be clear this services are considered as extra, given that we have to hire the collaboration of another professional

We can offer you any extra such as: flowers, musicians, decorations, bottle of champagne, picnic, a cake, etc. All the ideas you have in mind don’t hesitate to tell me. I will make it possible.

Rates for proposal photo shoots in Paris

Package "SHE SAID YES".

  • 30 minutes photo session
  • 1 place to choose ( static )
  • 40 professionally edited photos
  • The same day you receive some photos to share your great moment.
  • Photo posing and wardrobe advice
  • We will escort you from your idea to the photos. You will not feel alone
  • Possibility to buy all photos unedited + 50€ ( 200 photos approx.)


  • 60 minutes photo session
  • 1 place to choose ( more surroundings )
  • 65 professionally edited photos
  • Private digital gallery (30 days)
  • The same day you receive some photos to share your great moment.
  • Photo posing and wardrobe advice
  • We will escort you from your idea to the photos. You will not feel alone
  • Possibility to buy all photos unedited + 50€ ( 350 photos approx.)
best seller


500 NOW
  • 2 heures photo session
  • 2 places to choose ( more surroundings )
  • +100 professionally edited photos
  • Bottle of champagne (valued at 60€)
  • Private digital gallery (90 days)
  • Uber transportation to second place
  • The same day you receive some photos to share your great moment.
  • Photo posing and wardrobe advice
  • We will escort you from your idea to the photos. You will not feel alone
  • Possibility to buy all photos unedited + 50€ ( 500 photos approx.)

***Possibility to do the photo session at night +100€. (in the decoration marry me is already included)

Make it even more memorable

Professional Musician

190 more
  • Violinist or Saxophonist
  • 4 songs, 15 minutes
Pedida de mano romantica en paris

Romantic mini decoration

380 more
  • Red carpet
  • Heart balloons x5
  • Floral decorations
  • Candles
  • Professional spotlights

Extra-Romantic Decoration

575 more
  • Easel with a box with the phrase " will you marry me?
  • Red carpet
  • Rose petals over the floor
  • Exclusive champagne toast
  • Balloons
  • Professional spotlights
Best Seller
Decoracion romantica para una propuesta de matrimonio sorpresa en paris
Pedida de mano de Vicente Fernandez jr

Extra Marry Me

1050 more
  • Letters MARRY ME 90cm ( as in the picture )
  • Red carpet
  • Floral decorations
  • Exclusive champagne toast
  • Candles
  • Professional spotlights
  • Possibility to have 1,20m letters (BIG) +200€.

Recording of the shoot

40 more
  • I record your photo shoot or proposal
  • Video clips for social networks
  • Iphone 15 pro 4K recording

Music with loudspeaker

40 more
  • Playlist with your favorite songs
  • If you want to surprise your partner with your song and you don't want a musician, this is your option.


60 more
  • Champagne bottle with two glasses
Ramo de rosas paris para pedida de mano


70 more
  • Bouquet of red roses

Professional Video

250 more
  • Professional Videographer
  • We create a mini movie of your event
  • Length of film ( 2 minutes aprox. )
  • Film results

For your proposal to be fantastic, you can tell your partner that you won a photo shoot. This way she can get ready and don’t be caught unaware. I am sure she will thank you.
I will be your ally in every moment of the proposal.

The photoshoot are divided into two parts
The first is spontaneous and the second more ready to frame good photos.


Don’t worry about anything!
I’ll help you with the poses, the costumes, the places. Together we will customize your experience and enjoy it to the fullest.

Only care about enjoying, I will take care that everything goes well

How do I book a photo shoot for a proposal in 2 steps?

Congratulations! It is an honor for me to be chosen as your photographer in Paris, for the booking is very easy, just:

Choose the pack that best suits you (mini | medium | premium)

Contact me via the form below or directly on my WhatsApp and you're done.

Do you have questions?

Don't worry! Write me and I will help you to choose the shoot that excites you the most. I assure you that is without commitment. Only we will talk so that you can share ideas that you have in mind, get to know all the details of the service, and decide.

Don’t leave everything to the last.

It is important that you don’t leave your shoot as the last thing. They are many visitors in Paris and my availability decreases.

I'll write you back as soon as possible

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