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A single word is used to describe the Sacred Heart of Paris: IM-PRE-SIO-NAN-TE.

Its 83 meters high, allowing you to view it from any point in Paris, so it is located in the TOP of places that yes or yes you need to visit on your trip to Paris.

No loses, it is very easy to get there, is located on top of Montmartre.
I recommend the following way for you to get up and go looking elsewhere.

Go to the metro station, Abbesses, which is the line 12, no! don’t take the elevator, right leg and climbs up the stairs to exit out of the metro. I know what I say to you, those 100 steps will be worthwhile because you’ll see beautiful pictures on the wall dedicated to Paris.

Out of the subway you will find the famous wall of “I Love You”, where it is written ” Je t’aime in a variety of languages; it is located in a small garden. After you will begin to climb and climb, on the way you’ll be able to make a thousand photographs, in addition to visiting the Space Dalí. Enjoy the landscape full of graffiti, stairs, shops, restaurants, street lights, bakeries, etc
If you want to give a rest in The Plaza of the Artists.

Now, if you want to skip the walk, you arrive at the metro Anvers, which is the metro line 2; out of the subway you’ll be able to connect with the Funicular that takes you up to Sacre – Coeur; this will upload the 197 steps that you take to him The location of the Sacre-Coeur on a hill 130 metres in height allows you to have the most breathtaking views and magnificent Paris; in its steps, you can have a rest to admire the scenery. I think that your name has to do with what brings you the view from there, an indescribable emotion in the heart.

You can get to Sacre – Coeur to get to know your inside, it’s gorgeous.

Fact curious::

If you saw the movie Amélie, ubicarás perfect the zone and scene of the movie, where Amélie is located in Sacre – Coeur. In addition, in Montmartre you will find the famous café of Amélie, “Café des Deux Moulins” in the Rue Lepic. And also, the Maison Collignon, where you can see an invasion of the gnomes in their display cases. Without a doubt, Montmartre is the neighborhood of Amélie.

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