Airports In Paris

Paris has three airports

All of these airports of Paris, receiving millions of visitors each year. Each of them has its most recommended option to get to the center or to your hotel in Paris  and on each page, you explain it in detail. Click on the airport where you want to more information .

Charles de Gaulle airport

Approximately 20 kilometers from the center of Paris is the main airport of the city, the Charles de Gaulle Airport. It is well connected with rail, bus urban Bus Le bus direct, Roissybus, private transfer or taxi.

Orly airport

The second airport of Paris. Orly airport is located 14 kilometers from the center of the city, you can move from there by using the Tram T7, Orlyval, Orlybus buses urban bus Le bus direct, taxis or private transfers.

Airport of Beauvais

He began to be more used since low-cost airlines (especially Ryanair) have made a huge investment to renovate it and start using it as a base of operations in Paris. It is the most distant, 80 km from Paris. The airlines have invested also in a service bus associated with each flight that takes you to the city.

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