My name is

Samuel Escribano

I came to Paris for the love of a French; but I stayed for the love of Paris.

Oh París

When I arrived I stuck to the program, but this city is that they force you to move, and in the end the French accent is strained from time to time by speaking in Spanish. Crazy. I opened up a Youtube channel to tell you about my adventures and misadventures in the city of lights, and one day, before the mountain of questions that I came from the future travelers, I decided to do something: I Hung up my apron for the site I was working and I began to build, from scratch, a new concept of “Live Paris”

I no longer wanted to just share my experiences in videos. No. I wanted to be in the heart of the matter.
Remangarme and make tourists fall in the same spell in which I had fallen years ago.
I wanted to live Paris without rush, no queues, no doubt and not miss even a detail of what is essential in this city. And, something that had only been a hobby up to date, landed in my hands begging me to join this adventure: My camera out. I said that I wanted to immortalize tourists in the smallest nooks and magic of Paris. And clear. I couldnt say no. Then I armed myself with a camera and a shuttle service and went to work to design an experience round for every traveler who decides to count on me.

Now that you know me a little better, you need to talk to you.

What can I help you?

I want to live in Paris without the queues. Take a look at all the entrances to monuments and museums that you can find in here, collect them and save that extra time to continue enjoying the spell of the city of l’amour.

I want a memory that will last a lifetime. Then, booking a photo session with me and my camera. With your other half, your half a lemon, your children or whoever you want to put back to doña Eiffel, or any corner that ooze magic in Paris.

You want to ask me something?

Here I tell you how was my first month in Paris and as I got a job without speaking French.

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