Privacy Policy

Last updated November 22, 2021

From LIVE PARIS we treat all personal data with respect and sensitivity.

This privacy policy together with the legal notice, cookie policy, sales, terms and conditions, and any other policies to which reference is made, identifies how it is collected and processed personal data that is collected on this web site.

The information found on this web site is not directed to children. It will be understood by the child what the law of the jurisdiction where you are and what you define. If the user believes that a child has provided personal data in this website without the consent of the parents, you will need to write to

If the user is under the age of 13, you must have the authorization of their parents or legal guardians for submitting any personal data. LIVE PARIS he has no way to verify effectively the age of the user, therefore is exempted from any responsibility, if the user does not comply with stated here. In LIVE PARIS we comply with the Law on the Protection of Privacy on the Line of the Children of 1998 (“COPPA”).

Identifying data of the responsible

As stated in the current legislation, we inform you that:

  • The name of the responsible web is  SAMUEL SCRIVENER
  • Its registered office is located at: 18 rue de la ronce
  • 92410 ville d’avray France, Paris.
  • You can contact the Email:
  • Their social activity is: Photography in Paris, membership, tickets and tours in Paris.
  • Data requested on the web site and purpose of the treatment.
  • First name, last name and email address in the contact forms: to make any direct contact with LIVE PARIS, either to raise questions, comments, suggestions, request a service or product, or any other information. Do not provide the personal data required minimum make it impossible to LIVE PARIS to respond to the request.
  • Name, e-mail: to be able to answer questions of the website.
  • First name, last name, address, telephone number, email address, tax identification number: will be prompted for this information at the time of the payment service to process everything associated with the client.
  • Name, phone and email address for the newsletter: 

There was no account with this strategy, digital marketing, so that the data will be collected exclusively for responding to questions and interest of potential customers and subsequently to close the sale.

LIVE PARIS at all times ensure that the use of the web site, the content, and the processing of the personal data of the user, are performed in the most correct way. To do this, the user may always exercise your rights of access, rectification, limitation, cancellation, portability, oblivion or opposition, the whole in faithful compliance with the guidelines of the laws that govern matter, by writing to the

LIVE PARIS  not sold not sell personal user data to other companies or third parties.

LIVE PARIS  share with third parties the data it holds, only to meet with the services contracted by any user, to send the newsletter to comply with legal requirements or for the administration of the website. To this effect, will be provided due to confidentiality agreements between the parties.

The links to third party websites which may be found on the web site have privacy policies beyond LIVE PARIS . The access to these sites shall be the responsibility of the user, it is your responsibility to know them and their decision to accept or not.


The website has 1 type of form:

Contact: the user, customer or participant will be able to find forms that will facilitate the communication with LIVE PARIS  to raise questions, comments, request a quote, to book any of the services offered on the web site or enforce any rights that you may have. Do not provide the personal data required minimum make it impossible to LIVE PARIS   to respond to the request. This treatment will be considered legitimate by being part of a due diligence pre-contractual. The server of the web site and e-mail LIVE PARIS  will be responsible for the treatment.


The user has the following rights related to your personal data:

Access: the user can go to LIVE PARIS to be able to know the data that have been collected from him.

Rectification: the user may at any time rectify data that you have provided LIVE PARIS.

Opposition: provided that you do not interrupt the provision of a service, or a legal obligation which has LIVE IN PARIS, the user may request the cessation of the processing of your personal data.

Removal: provided that you do not interrupt the provision of a service, or a legal obligation which has LIVE IN PARIS, the user can request the deletion of your personal data.

Limitation of the treatment: provided that you do not interrupt the provision of a service, or a legal obligation which has LIVE IN PARIS, the user may request that your personal data will be treated the way he restricted, for example to request that it should not be amended, deleted or erased.

Portability: whenever the user requests it, and can be made, you may request a copy of your personal data in a structured format, commonly used, machine-readable and interoperable, or to request transmission to another controller, provided that the treatment is validity on the basis of consent or in the framework of the execution of a contract.

Information: the user has the right to know the way in which you are treated your personal data.

To exercise any of these rights, the user may write to the e-mail


LIVE PARIS you need the support of third parties to properly offer their services and products, which celebrates the due confidentiality agreements and to verify the compliance of the regulations on the protection of personal data.

The data provided to these third parties may not be used for other purposes not authorized by the owner of the data.

In compliance with the principles of information and transparency, we do know that these third parties are:

•Gmail: Used for the collection of data and management of clients using e-mail . This service will be in charge of the company Google, Gmail whose location is in united States.  

•Web Empresa: Proveedor de Hosting (almacenamiento web). Puede ver su política de privacidad en  El responsable por el tratamiento de los datos es Web

• civitatis Plataforma de excursiones en Español por todo el mundo que se utiliza para implementar el Marketing de afiliación. Se encuentra localizado en Puede ver más información sobre su política de privacidad en:

• Tiqets International B. V: Platform travel guide that is used to manage the membership. The address of Tiqets International B. V. James Wattstraat 77, 1097 DL Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For more information on privacy can be found in

•Facebook: Herramienta utilizada como red social y a los fines de conectarse con el titular de los datos. El servicio es prestado por la empresa Facebook Ireland Ltd., sus servidores están en Estados Unidos. Han adoptado cláusulas tipo de procesamiento de datos aprobadas por la Comisión Europea que pueden ser consultadas en: . Puede consultarse su política de provacidad en Con esta herramienta también se maneja la publicidad que se pueda realizar en Whatssapp y/o Instagram, así como el análisis de datos y estadísticas para una posible segmentación de la publicidad.

•Google: sistema de publicidad patrocinada (ADS), Servicio de análisis web, para ver las estadísticas del uso del sitio web (Analytics) y sistema de gestión de etiquetas (Tag Manager).Estos servicios son prestados por la empresa Google LLC, ubicada en Mountain View, California, Estados Unidos de América. Han adoptado cláusulas tipo de procesamiento de datos aprobadas por la Comisión Europea que pueden ser consultadas en: Si desea obtener más información sobre su política de privacidad puede consultar:

•Instagram: Red social y aplicación para subir fotos y vídeos cuyo propietario es la empresa Facebook Inc., que está ubicada en 1601 Willow Road Menlo Park, CA 94025, Estados Unidos de América. En caso de estar fuera de los Estados Unidos de América o Canadá, la entidad de control de datos responsable de la información es Facebook Ireland Ltd., que se encuentra ubicada en 4 Grand Canal Square Grand Canal Harbour, Dublín 2, Irlanda. Han adoptado cláusulas tipo de procesamiento de datos aprobadas por la Comisión Europea que pueden ser consultadas en: Para obtener más información sobre la política de privacidad ingresa en:

•Pixel de Facebook: herramienta de análisis para publicidad, utilizado para conocer las acciones de los titulares de los datos en este sitio web. Este servicio es proporcionado por Facebook, Inc., que está ubicada en 1601 Willow Road Menlo Park, CA 94025, Estados Unidos de América. En caso de estar fuera de los Estados Unidos de América o Canadá, la entidad de control de datos responsable de la información es Facebook Ireland Ltd., que se encuentra ubicada en 4 Grand Canal Square Grand Canal Harbour, Dublín 2, Irlanda. Han adoptado cláusulas tipo de procesamiento de datos aprobadas por la Comisión Europea que pueden ser consultadas en: Para obtener más información sobre la política de privacidad ingresa en

•TikTok: Red social y aplicación para subir vídeos cuyo propietario es la empresa TikTok Technology Limited ubicada en 10 Earlsfort Terrace, Dublín, D02 T380, Irlanda. Para los usuarios del Reino Unido: TikTok Information Technologies UK Limited, WeWork, 125 Kingsway, Londres, WC2B 6NH, Reino Unido. Para obtener más información sobre la política de privacidad ingresa en:

•WhatsApp: Herramienta utilizada para la comunicación con los usuarios, compradores, clientes y participantes a través de la empresa WhatsApp Ireland Limited (para los que se encuentran ubicados en Europa), puede contactarse a través del enlace y su política de privacidad puede observarse en

In cases struts LIVE PARIS you can use applications or tools that have not been listed or named in this listing, the foregoing to be a better option that is conducive to the realization of a given task; if this happens LIVE PARIS be notified of this situation to its users, customers or participants, as the case may be.



Under article 27 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (RGPD), whose representative in the European Union:

  • The name of the responsible web is  SAMUEL SCRIVENER
  • Its registered office is located at: 18 rue de la ronce
  • 92410 ville d’avray France, Paris.
  • You can contact the Email:
  • Their social activity is: Photography in Paris, membership, tickets and tours in Paris.

Cookie policy

Last updated on November 22, 2022

As responsible for this web, I have gone to great lengths to comply with the policy regarding cookies, however, taking into account the way the Internet works, and websites, it is not always possible to have up to date information on the cookies that third parties can use through this website.

This applies especially to cases in which this web site contains integrated elements: that is to say, texts, documents, images or short films that are stored at another party, but are shown on our web site.

Therefore, in the event that you encounter this type of cookies on this website and are not listed in the list below, I pray thee, good. You can also directly contact the third party to ask for information about the cookies you place, the purpose and duration of the cookie, and how it has guaranteed your privacy.


Cookies are a tool used by Web servers to store and retrieve information about their visitors. There is more than a text file that some servers ask our browser to type in our hard disk, with information about what we have been doing for their pages. They have an expiration date, which may range from the time that the session lasts until a specified future date, after which they cease to be operational.


This website uses cookies own and from third parties to get that you have a better navigation experience, you are able to share content on social networks, to show you ads based on your interests and to obtain statistics of users.

The cookies used on are only associated with an anonymous User and their computer, and do not provide references that allow to deduce the name and surname of the User and can not read data off your hard disk or include viruses in their texts. Also, can’t read the cookies implanted in the User’s hard drive from other servers.

The user can freely decide on the deployment or not your hard drive of the cookies used in In this sense, the user can configure your browser to accept or reject all cookies by default or to receive a warning on screen of the reception of each cookie and decide at that time, its implementation or not your hard drive. For this reason, we suggest consulting the help section of your browser to learn how to change the current configuration.

Even though the User may configure your browser to refuse all cookies or expressly refused the cookies you can navigate through the Portal, with the only drawback of not being able to enjoy the functionalities of the website that require the installation of any of them. In any case, the User can delete cookies placed on your hard disk at any time, following the procedure established in the help section of your browser, which subsequently detailed.

As a user, you can refuse treatment of the data or information by blocking these cookies through the appropriate settings on your browser. However, you should know that if you do so, the site may not work properly.

Cookies this website will help to:

  • To make this site work properly
  • Save you from having to log in every time you visit this site
  • Remember your settings during and between visits
  • Allow you to visualize videos
  • Improve the speed / security of the site
  • You can share pages with social networks
  • Continuously improve this web site
  • To show you ads based on your browsing habits

I will not use ever cookies to:

  • To collect personally identifiable information (without your express permission)
  • Collect sensitive information (without your express permission)
  • To share personally identifiable data to third parties


This website, like most websites, includes functionality provided by third parties.
Also are put to the test regularly new designs, or services of third parties to recommendations and reports.

This can be modified occasionally the setting of cookies and you appear cookies are not detailed in this policy. It is important that you know that they are cookies provisional that is not always possible to tell and that they have only purposes of study and assessment. In no case will use cookies to compromise your privacy.

Among the third party cookies more stable are:

  • Generated by analysis servicesspecifically, Google Analytics to help the website analyze the use made by Users of the web site and improve the usability of the same, but in no case are associated with data that could identify the user.
    Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc., a company of Delaware whose main office is at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, Usa (“Google”).
    The user can check here the type of cookies used by Google. Cookie of Google+ and Google Maps, as provided on their page about what type of cookies used.
  • WordPress: a user of the platform of supply and accommodation of blogs WordPress, owned by the american company Automattic, Inc. To such effects, the use of such cookies by the systems not are never under the control or management of the website manager, you can change its function at any time, and enter new cookies. These cookies also reported to the responsible of this website any benefit. Automattic, Inc., uses other cookies to help identify and track visitors of your WordPress site, ascertain the use of the web site from Automattic, as well as the preferences of access to the same, as stated in the section “Cookies” on your privacy policy.
  • Social networking Cookies: The social networking Cookies may be stored on your browser while you browse for example, when you use the share button content in a social network.

The companies that generate these cookies, corresponding to the social networks you use this website have their own cookie policies:

The privacy implications on this will be in a function to every social network and will depend on the privacy settings you have chosen on these networks. In any case, neither the responsible of this website, nor the advertisers can gain personally identifiable information from these cookies.

Below are the cookies that may be installed normally during the navigation of this website:

Third-party persistent _ga _gid _gcl_aw2 years from the configurationUsed to distinguish users. Is a cookie belonging to Google Analytics. More information
Third-party persistent _gat10 minutesIs used to determine the ratio of recharge. Is a cookie belonging to Google Analytics. More information
Third-party persistent __utma2 years after each updateThis cookie is usually set during the first visit. If the cookie is deleted manually, you will return to settle in for the next visit with new ID. In most cases this cookie is used to determine unique visitors to our site and it is updated with each page view. In addition, this cookie has a unique ID of Google Analytics that ensures both the validity of the same as its accessibility as an additional security measure. More information
Third-party persistent __utmb2 years after each updateThis cookie is used to establish and continue a user session on our site. When a user visits a page on our site, the Google Analytics code attempts to update this cookie. If you do not find the cookie, you will create a new one. Each time the user visits a different page, it updates this cookie to expire in 30 minutes, that way it continues to find a single session at intervals of 30 minutes. This cookie expires when a user stops visit our site for a period of 30 minutes. More information
Third-party persistent APISID, HSID, NID, SAPISID, SID, SSID, CONSENT2 years from installationSaves user preferences and other information from Google services the user has. More information
Third-party persistent __utmtSessionHistorically, this cookie operated in conjunction with the cookie __utmb to determine whether to establish a new session for the user. Today is not used but is still here to maintain backwards compatibility with code theurchin.js and ga.js. More information
Third-party persistent __utmz6 months after each updateThis cookie saves information of references used by the visitor to reach our site, whether direct, a referral link, a website search or a campaign of publicity or by e-mail. It is used to calculate the traffic roveniente web search, marketing campaigns and browsing our site. This cookie gets updated on every page view. More information
Own persistent __cfduid5 yearsThe cookie __ cfduid is used to override any security restrictions based on the IP address the visitor is coming from. More information 
Third-party persistent sb2 years from installationCookie of Facebook that identifies the browser for login authentication. More information
Third-party persistent InfusionsoftTrackingCookie2 yearsPixel advertising created by the company Infusiónsoft to do remarketing.
Third-party persistent affiliate_id2 yearsCookie created by the company AffiliateWP, LLC to generate a pixel and can direct the affiliate network of the web. More information
Third-party persistent datr2 years from installationFrom Facebook that identifies browsers for the purposes of security and integrity of the site, between them, account recovery, and the identification of accounts that may be at risk. More information


In case you do not want that the web site do not install any cookies on your computer, it is possible to adjust your browser so that you are notified before downloading any cookie.

So, you can also modify your browser setting to decline all cookies or only third party cookies. You can also delete any cookies that are already on your computer. Please note that you will need to adapt the separate configuration of each browser and equipment you use. makes available to users who wish to prevent the installation of the above-mentioned cookies, links provided by web browsers, the use of which is considered to be more widespread:
Google Chrome | Internet Explorer | Mozilla Firefox | Apple Safari

Legal notice and Terms of Use of the Site

Last updated on November 22, 2022


I can guarantee that you find yourself in a space 100 % safeto do this you must know:


As stated in the current regulations, I inform that:

  • The name of the responsible web is  SAMUEL SCRIVENER
  • Its registered office is located at: 18 rue de la ronce
  • 92410 ville d’avray France, Paris.
  • You can contact the Email:
  • Their social activity is: Photography in Paris, membership, tickets and tours in Paris.


The services provided by the responsible of the website are the following:

  • Sale of services Photography
  • Membership of tickets to museums, Disney Land Paris, etc


1.3. USERS:

The access and/or use of this website attributes the condition of USER, who accepts, from such access and/or use, these terms of use, however, by the mere use of the website does not means the start of employment/commercial.



The web page on (THE WEBprovides access to articles, information, services and data (hereinafter “contents”) property of SAMUEL SCRIVENER. The USER assumes responsibility for the use of the website.

The USER undertakes to make appropriate use of content offered through its website and by way of example but not limitation, not to use:

(a) engaging in illegal activities, illegal or contrary to good faith and public order;
(b) disseminate content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic, pornographic-illegal, apology of terrorism or human rights;
(c) cause damage to the physical and logical systems of the website, its suppliers or third persons, to introduce or disseminate in the network computer viruses or any other physical or logical systems that are capable of causing the aforementioned damage;
(d) attempt to access and, in your case, use the email accounts of other users and modify or manipulate their messages.

2 SAMUEL SCRIVENER reserves the right to withdraw all comments and contributions that violate respect for the dignity of the person, which are discriminatory, xenophobic, racist, pornographic, that attempt against youth or childhood, order or public security or that, in its opinion, are not suitable for publication.

In any case, SAMUEL SCRIVENER  will not be responsible for the opinions expressed by the users through the blog or other participation tools that may be created, as provided for in the implementing regulations.


  • Contact form, where the USER must fill in the email field, subject, name and phone number.
  • Navigation and IP Address: while surfing this website, the user provides automatically the web server with information related to your IP address, date and time of access, the hyperlink that has been returned to them, your operating system, and browser used.

Notwithstanding the above, users will be able to unsubscribe at any time services provided by SAMUEL SCRIVENER or data given by the USER in compliance with the regulations in force regarding Data Protection. Also, when you subscribe to this website, or to make a comment or make a purchase from any of its pages and/or service, the user hereby agrees:

  1. The processing of your personal data in the environment of WordPress according to their privacy policies.
  2. Access SAMUEL SCRIVENER  the data, in accordance with the infrastructure of WordPress, you need the user to provide well for the subscription the website for any consultation using the contact form.

Also, we inform that our users ‘ information is protected according to our PRIVACY POLICY.

To activate a subscription, contact form or comment, the user understands and agrees that:

From the moment you place your subscription, or access to any payment service, SAMUEL SCRIVENER  you have access

to: Name and email, or other required data, constituting a file with the name “USERS OF THE WEBSITE AND SUBSCRIBERS” or in the case of making a purchase, you will be subscribed to the file of “CUSTOMERS AND/OR SUPPLIERS” having access to data, first name, last name, email, id number, and complete address.

In any case SAMUEL SCRIVENER  reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the web as this legal notice.


 SAMUEL SCRIVENER  by itself or as assignee, is the owner of all the rights of intellectual and industrial property rights of its website, as well as the elements contained therein (not limited to, images, sound, audio, video, software or texts; trademarks or logos, combinations of colors, structure and design, selection of used materials, computer programs necessary for its operation, access and use, etc), the ownership of SAMUEL SCRIVENER . All rights reserved.

Any use not previously authorized SAMUEL SCRIVENER  it will be considered a serious breach of the rights of intellectual or industrial property of the author.

Are expressly prohibited reproduction, distribution and public communication, including its modality of making available, of all or part of the contents of this web page, for commercial purposes, in any support and by any technical means, without the authorization of SAMUEL SCRIVENER 

The USER undertakes to respect the rights of Intellectual and Industrial Property ownership of SAMUEL SCRIVENER . You can display only the elements of the website without possibility to print them out, copy them or store them on the hard drive of your computer or any other physical support. The USER must refrain from deleting, altering, evading or manipulating any protection device or security system that was installed in the pages of SAMUEL SCRIVENER 

It is strictly forbidden to share the license for use with most persons, each license is personal and non transferable and reserve as many civil and criminal actions to assist us in the name of safeguarding our rightsall this under pain of incurring a crime against intellectual property.


SAMUEL SCRIVENER  is not responsible, in any case, for damages of any nature that could cause, without limitation: errors or omissions in the contents, lack of availability of the website – which will make periodic stops for maintenance technicians – as well as the transmission of viruses or malicious or harmful programs in the contents, despite having adopted all the necessary technological measures to avoid it.


SAMUEL SCRIVENER  reserves the right to make unannounced changes it deems appropriate in its website, may change, delete or add both the contents and services provided through the same as the way in which these appear presented or located on its website.


Persons or entities who wish to create or follow a hyperlink from one web page to another Internet portal to the web SAMUEL SCRIVENER  you must submit the following conditions:

  • Do not allow the total or partial reproduction of any services or content of the website without the prior express authorization of SAMUEL SCRIVENER 
  • No deep-links or IMG or image links, nor frames with website SAMUEL SCRIVENER  without your express consent.
  • Will not be made any false, inaccurate or incorrect on the web SAMUEL SCRIVENER , or the services or content of the same. Except for those signs that form part of the hyperlink, the website on which it is established will not contain any brand, trade name, label, name, logo, slogan or other distinctive signs belonging to SAMUEL SCRIVENER except with the express authorization of the latter.
  • The establishment of the hyperlink does not imply the existence of relations between SAMUEL SCRIVENER  and the owner of the website or portal from which it is made, nor the knowledge and acceptance of SAMUEL SCRIVENER  the services and content offered on that web page or portal.
  • SAMUEL SCRIVENER  will not be responsible for the contents or services made available to the public on the website or portal from which the hyperlink, nor for the information and manifestations included therein.
  • The web site of SAMUEL SCRIVENER  can be put at the disposal of the user connections and links to other web sites operated and controlled by third parties. These links have the sole function of making it easier for users to search for information, content and services on the Internet, but in no case be considered a suggestion, recommendation or invitation to visit them.
  • SAMUEL SCRIVENER  not marketed, or directs, or controls previously, nor own the content, services, information and data available on such websites.
  • SAMUEL SCRIVENER  assumes no liability whatsoever, either indirectly or indirectly, for damages of any kind arising from access, maintenance, use, quality, legality, reliability and usefulness of the content, information, communications, opinions, events, products and services found or offered on websites not managed by SAMUEL SCRIVENER  and that they are accessible through SAMUEL SCRIVENER.


SAMUEL SCRIVENER  reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to the portal and/or services offered without prior notice, at its own request or of a third party, to those users who breach these General Conditions of Use.


SAMUEL SCRIVENER  will pursue the breach of these conditions and any misuse of its website, exercising all civil and criminal actions that may correspond to it in law.


SAMUEL SCRIVENER  you can at any time modify the conditions here certain, being duly published as here they appear. The validity of these conditions shall be according to their exposure and are valid until they are modified by other duly published.


  • SAMUEL SCRIVENER  reports that there are complaint forms available to the users and customers can send an email to with indicating your name and surnames, the service or purchased product and stating the reasons for your claim.
    You can also direct your complaint by mail addressed to: The corporate name of responsible web is  SAMUEL SCRIVENERits registered office is located at: 18 rue de la ronce 92410 ville d’avray France, Paris. You can contact the Email, your social activity is: Photography in Paris, membership, tickets and tours in Paris.


The present general terms and conditions are intended to regulate specifically the terms and conditions applicable to the recruitment processes carried out by the users ‘Client’ of the online courses offered by SAMUEL SCRIVENER through your web site.

These terms will remain in effect and will be valid during all the time that are accessible through the site web, all without prejudice to SAMUEL, CLERK reserves the right to modify, without prior notice, the terms and conditions as well as any of the legal texts that are on this website. In any case, access to the Website after amendment, inclusion and/or substitution, implies the acceptance of the same by the user.

The customer is subject to the general conditions in force in each of the time to perform the relevant contracting, it is not possible the hiring of any service without the prior acceptance of the general conditions of recruitment.

On this website you can buy products or services reflected on every page of sales.

In order to proceed to payment, the customer has at his disposal the following means:

By bank transfer or via Paypal, being able to obtain all the necessary information in


The relationship between SAMUEL CLERK and the CUSTOMER shall be governed by the rules of Europe and any dispute shall be submitted to the courts and tribunals of Paris, except that the applicable Law provides otherwise.


The dissolution of the contract of services may occur at any time by either of the two parties.
You are not obliged to conditions of permanence with LIVE PARIS if you are not satisfied with our service.
LIVE PARIS you can terminate or suspend any and all Services contracted immediately, without prior notice or liability, in the event that you not comply with the conditions set forth herein.
To the dissolution of the contract, your right to use the Services will immediately cease.
Will be grounds for dissolution of the contract:

  • Falsehood, in whole or in part, of the information provided in the hiring process of any service.
  • Alter, circumvent, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or alter in any way any of the security technology provided by LIVE PARIS The cases of abuse of the support services for the requirement of more hours than are set forth in the agreement.
  • Opinions are false and unfounded with the intention of discrediting the owner of the goods or services purchased.
  • Any breach established throughout the conditions.

The dissolution involves the loss of their rights on the service contract.


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